Apsolva started in 2003 and lives and breathes anything that is Internet or Intranet based. We like to get to know all about our client's business so we can develop the tools to help them achieve their business goals, whether it be an in-organisation Intranet application, an e-commerce solution or even straight forward "portfolio" websites.

Internet or Intranet Applications

Apsolva's expertise centres around web programming and development - getting public facing or organisation facing web sites to do more. Apsolva has created Intranet based applications that drive Document Management Systems, Human Resources, Time and Attendance, Sales Order Processing, Stock Management, even a Contract Bridge administration system through to high turnover e-commerce websites, fully integrated with back office systems and complex database interfacing.

Apsolva can also supply secure portable systems i.e. an entire database driven website or Intranet on a USB memory device or DVD (for marketing campaigns, exhibition demonstrations etc.), remote worker support, customer support tools or to provide support for existing in-house systems.


Apsolva use, and is expert in, technologies based around the LAMP stack - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, as well as ASP.NET and SQL Server. Obviously, the code generated is fully HTML/CSS compliant and utilises JavaScript/AJAX to enrich the user experience, where the user is accessing via a modern web browser, a smart phone or smart TV.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of your Internet or Intranet plans.

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